Raggi has no balls - Marra in wiretap

Former city of Rome personnel chief Raffaele Marra said Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi lacked courage in a wiretapped conversation with a friend last year. "She has got no balls.

Net rise of 559,000 jobs in 1st 4 months of 2017-INPS

There was a net rise in the number of private-sector jobs in Italy of 559,000 in the first four months of 2017 when the difference between new contracts and those that were terminated was calculated, pensions and social-security agency INPS said Friday.


FIA Formula E (ANSA)

Rome to host Formula E race


Rome is going to host a race in the Formula E series for exclusively electric-powered cars in its southern EUR district on April 14, 2018, international motor sport's governing body FIA decided on Monday.

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Francis addresses ROACO assembly in the Vatican

Oriental churches suffer war and terror Pope says

The churches in Syria, Iraq and Egypt are suffering from war and terrorism, Pope Francis said on Thursday.

Stepping down after two years in post

Milone quits as Vatican's auditor general

Libero Milone has quit as the Vatican's auditor general after two years on the post, Vatican sources told ANSA on Tuesday. A statement from the Vatican press office said that the decision had been by mutual accord.

Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke announces trip

Pope Francis to visit Chile, Peru in January 2018

Pope Francis will visit Chile and Peru in January 2018, Vatican Spokesperson Greg Burke announced on Monday.

'Hypocritical to hide weakness' Francis adds

'Important to recognise vulnerability' Pope says

One of the hardest things in life is to recognise one's own vulnerability, Pope Francis said during Mass on Friday at the Santa Marta residence where he lives inside the Vatican.

Believers, non-believers must unite against scourge

Pope Francis slams corruption as 'cancer'

Christians and non-Christians must be united in the fight against corruption, a "cancer that consumes us", Pope Francis said Thursday.

'Narcissism often hides loneliness'

A world of narcissists is hell, Pope Francis says

Pope Francis said a world dominated by narcissism with little room for selfless love is like hell, speaking during his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's Square.

Beating poverty changes history says Francis

Shameless wealth of a few brings crime says pope on poor day

Pope Francis on Tuesday condemned "the shameless wealth that is accumulated in the hands of a few privileged people, and often is accompanied by illegality and exploitation", as well as the "scandal" of the spread of "poverty to major sectors of society al...

Not something for narcissists

Consolation a gift says pope

Consolation is a gift which is not for narcissists, Pope Francis said Monday. "One cannot console oneself on one's own, but only by opening up to the Other and to others," Francis said at morning Mass at St Martha's House, the Vatican guesthouse he lives in.

Don't limit women's contribution to 'female' topics

Pope Francis slams violence against women

Pope Francis on Friday condemned violence against women.

Francis holds general audience with around 15,000 people

Man can be without God, but God never without man says pope

Pope Francis said God never abandons people, even those who reject him, during his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday. "We may be distant, hostile, we may even say that we are Godless.

Like serpent with Eve

Adulation, hypocrisy killed people, communities says pope

Adulation and hypocrisy kill people and communities, Pope Francis said Tuesday. "You start by adulating, like the serpent with Eve," the pope said at a Mass in St Martha's House, the Vatican hostel he lives in.

And who live in love

Thank God for parents who fall but go on pope tweets

Pope Francis tweeted Thursday that "I thank God for parents who try to live in love and go forward even though they fall many times along the way".

'Not at centre of history'

Bishops must know when to bow out - pope

Bishops must know how and when to bow out, Pope Francis said Tuesday. "They are not at the centre of history," the pope said in his homily at St Martha's House, the Vatican guest house where he lives.

Especially from institutions

Attention to life in society future says pope

Pope Francis tweeted Friday "the future of our societies requires on the part of all, especially institutions, a concrete attention for life".

Vatican'I'm liking Italy,' says US president

Trump says pope 'great person', had 'fantastic meeting'

'I'm liking Italy,' says US president, who also has talks with Mattarella and Gentiloni.

In Pope Francis, A Man of His Word, pontiff speaks to audience

Wenders makes doc on pope

German director Wim Wenders has made a documentary on Pope Francis in which the pontiff speaks to the audience, the SIR news agency said Friday.

Wake up the world, Francis tells nuns

Doomsayers harm Church says pope

Pope Francis on Monday urged nuns in the Vatican "not to join the prophets of doom, who have done so much damage to the Church and the consecrated life, don't give in to the temptation of drowsiness, like the Apostles in Gethsemane, or desperation".

In Homily at Casa Santa Marta

True doctrine unites, ideology divides, pope says

Pope Francis on Friday said true doctrine is a unifying factor, contrary to ideology, in his morning homily at Mass in the Vatican's Santa Marta residence.

Tells Huntington Disease geneticists

No end justifies destroying embryos says pope

Pope Francis on Thursday told geneticists working to beat Huntington's Disease that no end, however noble, justifies destroying embryos.

Jesus was a dreamer says Francis

Authentic bonds not broken by death says pope

The "most authentic" bonds are not broken by death, Pope Francis said Wednesday. "There are those who continue to love those who are not there any more," he said at his general audience.