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Reject violence says Francis in message to Chicago cardinal

Illinois shooting absurd says Pope

The Fourth of July shooting in Illinois that left at least six people dead was "absurd", Pope Francis said in a message to Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

Speculation triggered by visit to shrine of pope who abdicated

Pope Francis denies wanting to quit, cancer rumour

Pope Francis has denied wanting to quit or having cancer, two rumours prompted by the announcement he is to visit the shrine of a medieval pope who resigned at the end of the 13th century like Francis's predecessor Benedict XVI.

Ukraine Francis launches appeal for 'conversion'

Ukraine: Imperialism has nothing to do with God - Pope

Imperialism has nothing to do with God, Pope Francis said on Russia's invasion of Ukraine Thursday.

Back to 'drama of Cain and Abel' with Ukraine says Francis

Food diminishes, clang of weapons increases - Pope

Pope Francis on Thursday lamented the fact that conflict was causing food crises in many parts of the world and said that "we have returned to the drama of Cain and Abel" with the war in Ukraine.

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