4 cops suspended for abuse in drugs probe

Officers including commander allegedly broke procedural rules

(ANSA) - TURIN, DEC 4 - Four Italian police were suspended from duty Friday on suspicion of breaking the rules in a drugs probe in Turin, judicial sources said.
    The measure was taken after they were reported by a citizen of Moroccan origin, who says he was unduly pressured into becoming a confidential informant against his will, police said.
    The four are accused of breaking procedural rules, sources said.
    In particular, they are accused of staging an unauthorized sting operation using an unauthorized agent provocateur.
    They allegedly instructed an individual to carry out a simulated drugs purchase so as to arrest the pusher, without authorization.
    On another occasion the four allegedly arrested a pusher and held him without authorization, taking money that was not given back to him.
    They also allegedly filed incorrect documents and made material seized in a raid disappear, sources said.
    The four police are stationed at the Dora Vanchiglia police station and include commander Alice Rolando.
    The alleged abuses took place between April and May this year.


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