Oristano prosecutors open first Sardinian-language office

First such office in Italy for minority language

(ANSA) - ORISTANO, JAN 20 - Prosecutors in the northern Sardinian city of Oristano on Wednesday opened Italy's first-ever citizen's advice bureau in a language spoken by a minority, Sardinian.
    The move is part of a project named, in Sardinian, "Sa lege est aguale pro totus", or "This law is equal for all".
    Oristano Chief Prosecutor Ezio Domenico Basso told ANSA he hoped the service would be extended to other kinds of offices in future.
    He said translators from Italian into Sardinian and vice versa had often been needed in local trials.
    "We are very happy that the advice bureau has now been launched", Basso said. (ANSA).


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