Soccer: Foggia ex-captain's home door torched

Smoke got into room where player and small daughter were

(ANSA) - BARI, DEC 2 - The door of the home of Serie C side Foggia former captain Federico Gentile was set on fire overnight, sources said Wednesday.
    Gentile es at home with his wife and two small children when the arson attack happened, said Foggia Mayor Franco Landella.
    Landella said "the fire could have had much worse effects, devastating even".
    According to the mayor, "we are dealing with thugs".
    "It's not right that a small criminal and violent minority should spoil the harmony of a whole community," said the first citizens, referring to soccer ultras who have sometimes resorted to violence.
    Foggia Calcio President Roberto Felleca said "Federico was on the sofa with his little daughters when he saw the smoke get into the house.
    "A tragedy could have taken place last night, but fortunately neighbours intervened with buckets of water and put out the blaze".
    Felleca called it "the umpteenth intimidation that this club has been subjected to".
    He said "I'm convinced that these are not the true Foggia fans, but it is time to demonstrate that and not to remain silent".
    Ex-skipper Gentile said he would report the crime later Wednesday.
    He has not been captain since the start of the season.
    "I was at home with my little daughters, and luckily nothing happened. It is a very serious episode. I'm here only to play football".
    Foggia are seventh in Serie C's Group C. (ANSA).


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