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Austria, from today no quarantine but Ffp2 for positives

Those without symptoms can leave home and work

01 August, 15:58
(ANSA) - BOLZANO, 01 AGO - In Austria, as of today, those who are positive for coronavirus no longer automatically end up in quarantine, but can leave the house and go to work, but wearing the Ffp2 mask. Instead, those with symptoms remain in isolation, Health Minister Johannes Rauch reiterated. There are no regional regulations, which is why the end of the quarantine also affects the capital Vienna, which so far has always followed a stricter line than other laender. Ffp2 must be worn by positives even outdoors, when a minimum distance of two meters cannot be guaranteed. The mask must be worn properly and changed regularly. Positives may also frequent bars and restaurants, but since they can never remove the mask, they cannot consume anything. There is no shortage of criticism for this measure.

Indeed, there are those who fear a new increase in cases and a subsequent shortage of personnel, especially in the health care system. The weekly incidence in Austria currently stands at 639, with 5,700 new cases, 88 patients in intensive care and eleven deaths per day. (ANSA).

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