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    • 15:37
    • 03 Dec

    Bulgaria vs.Holland, cynicism and not solidarity on Schengen

    Protest after vetoes on Sofia's accession
    • 16:42
    • 01 Dec

    Ports: agreement signed on Trieste-Austria customs corridor

    ADM, a unique project to speed up the cargo transit process.
    • 13:34
    • 01 Dec

    Unesco, Lipizzaner horse breeding joins heritage list

    Multinational nomination enlightens very ancient traditions.
    • 12:04
    • 30 Nov

    Ports: first EU customs corridor from Trieste to Austria

    Checks at destination for saving time, more rail freight traffic
    • 11:40
    • 28 Nov

    Austrian trains grind to halt as rail workers strike

    Workers demand higher pay
    • 14:57
    • 25 Nov

    Fvg councilor, Italy-Austria borders now only on paper

    Today's ceremony celebrates ten years of Euregio Without Borders
    • 14:52
    • 25 Nov

    Italy-Austria: Fvg governor Fedriga, Interreg boosts growth

    The program has a budget of more than 91 million euros
    • 11:14
    • 23 Nov

    Austria: Chancellor, no veto to Croatia into Schengen

    Today Chancellor Nehammer visits Zagreb
    • 12:11
    • 22 Nov

    Klagenfurt, ceremony for 10 years of Euregio Without Borders

    With presidents Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto
    • 13:30
    • 17 Nov

    Migrants: Serbia-Austria-Hungary to counter illegals

    Orban and Nehammer, Serbia plays a crucial role
    • 20:59
    • 16 Nov

    Balkans: Pirc Musar, EU enlargement should be continued

    Slovenia's President: we will cooperate with Italy's PM Meloni
    • 15:43
    • 15 Nov

    Eco-protesters pour black liquid on Klimt painting in Vienna

    "Death and Life" on display at the Leopold Museum
    • 15:41
    • 15 Nov

    Slovenia: President Pahor awards Order to Fedriga

    For merits in deepening the relations, support to the minority
    • 22:38
    • 13 Nov

    Lawyer Pirc Musar elected Slovenia's first woman president

    Linked to former US first lady Melania Trump
    • 14:42
    • 04 Nov

    From Austria, Simon Wiesenthal Award to Liliana Segre

    For "multifaceted commitment to the fight against anti-Semitism"