Latest news Czech Republic - Nuova Europa

    • 16:19
    • 15 Aug

    FVG beaches crowd on August, tourists also from Ukraine

    They come from Germany, Austria, Chez Republic
    • 18:16
    • 12 Aug

    EU presidency mulls visa ban for all Russians

    Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said
    • 18:03
    • 12 Aug

    Former Czech premier targeted in French fraud inquiry

    In a case prompted by the "Pandora Papers" leaks
    • 19:15
    • 10 Aug

    Czech Republic: Senate approved ban on disposable plastic

    As required by EU regulations
    • 15:28
    • 09 Aug

    Russian oil transit via Ukraine halted due to sanctions

    Stop because sanctions. Impact on Hungary, Czech Rep., Slovakia
    • 09:23
    • 09 Aug

    Migrants: Italy salutes 'first concrete step' on relocation

    Missions by French, German officials to Italian centers
    • 19:57
    • 03 Aug

    Romania participates in robotic arm construction for Mars

    Will collect material to bring back to Earth
    • 11:45
    • 03 Aug

    Ukraine involved in arranging possible reverse gas supplies

    Via Trans-Balkan Corridor
    • 16:34
    • 26 Jul

    EU's future:Prague to send capitals questionnaire on reforms

    An initiative of the rotating presidency by the end of summer
    • 10:32
    • 26 Jul

    EU must act as soon as possible against Gazprom gas threats

    Czech Minister, "Putin will continue to play dirty games"