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Hungary: Orban, Hungarians don't want to become "mixed race"

With extra-European people

25 July, 18:25
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUL 25 - "The internationalist left employs a feint, an ideological ruse: the claim is that Europe by its very nature is populated by peoples of mixed race. This is a historical and semantic sleight of hand, because it conflates two different things," the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the 31st Balvanyos Summer Free University and Student Camp, in Romania, on July 23, according to the English transcript of his speech distributed today by the Hungarian International communications office According to Orban, "there is a world in which European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe. Now that is a mixed-race world. And there is our world, where people from within Europe mix with one another, move around, work, and relocate. So, for example, in the Carpathian Basin we are not mixed-race: we are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland. And, given a favourable alignment of stars and a following wind, these peoples merge together in a kind of Hungaro-Pannonian sauce, creating their own new European culture." "This is why we have always fought: we are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race," Orban concluded. (ANSA).

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