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Auto: Promotor, still deep red in Western Europe

Crisis in all markets, Italy situation most serious

15 July, 08:46
(ANSA) - TURIN, 15 LUG - All of the 30 national markets in Western Europe are down in June except for the tiny ones in Latvia and Iceland. This is underlined by the Centro Studi Promotor, which calls the situation "very serious," especially when comparing the first half of this year with the first half of 2019, that is, the year before the pandemic. In fact, the contraction recorded is 33.6 percent.

"The causes," he explains, "are well known and range from the impact of the pandemic on the economic situation of companies and families to the reappearance of inflation, the concrete and psychological impact of the war in Ukraine, and the insufficient production of new cars due to the difficulty of supplying microchips and other components, which seems to be the most penalizing element at the moment.

In this bleak picture only one positive fact emerges and that is the growth in many countries of the share of electric cars in registrations." In the first half of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, there were declines of 16.3 percent in France, 11.9 percent in the United Kingdom, 11 percent in Germany, and 10.7 percent in Spain, but the worst result is in Italy with a contraction of 22.7 percent and a very small increase in the share of electric cars. "It is clear," stresses Gian Primo Quagliano, president of Centro Studi Promotor, "that even if the car sector is in crisis throughout Western Europe, the particular gravity of the Italian situation requires from everyone and also, of course, from the government authorities, much greater attention than has been given so far and decidedly more significant interventions. (ANSA).

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