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Poland, hunt for sugar, a fixed quota for purchases

Uncertainty affects consumers; government assures 'no shortage'

26 July, 11:25
(ANSA) - WARSAW, JUL 26 - Sugar has become a highly-sought commodity in Poland; some stores and multinational discount shops, to curb the purchases of those who stock up exaggerated, have imposed limits of 5 or 10 kilograms per customer. Local newspapers also report the hunt for sugar by Poles, explaining that the situation does not depend at all on reduced deliveries, but on insecurity, increasingly widespread among the people, due to the war in Ukraine. Moreover, inflation reached 15.5 percent in June, the highest in 25 years, and there is a widespread fear of an energy crisis. As a result, the price of sugar doubled in a year: from 2.5 to 5 zloty (€0.54 to €1.08). "We have so much sugar, no one will miss it,' said Henryk Kowalczyk, the Polish agriculture minister.

"Do not be fooled by those who say there will be a shortage of sugar and coal; that's fake news," the leader of ruling party Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski said, addressing his supporters, in Gniezno. But the appeals do not have much effect: experts say local sugar demand may grow again. (ANSA).

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