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    • 19:35
    • 13 Aug

    Banks: Italy closes branches but digital does not attract

    A research by the Autonomous Italian Banking Federation reported
    • 09:23
    • 09 Aug

    Migrants: Italy salutes 'first concrete step' on relocation

    Missions by French, German officials to Italian centers
    • 16:47
    • 04 Aug

    Romania: long lines of trucks packed

    On both sides of Danube bridge border crossing
    • 19:57
    • 03 Aug

    Romania participates in robotic arm construction for Mars

    Will collect material to bring back to Earth
    • 19:39
    • 03 Aug

    Romania: Pm Ciuca expects accession to Schengen this year

    Russians"don't stop, they will do the same with other countries"
    • 11:45
    • 03 Aug

    Ukraine involved in arranging possible reverse gas supplies

    Via Trans-Balkan Corridor
    • 10:43
    • 23 Jul

    Firefighting aircrafts from Romania are expected in Slovenia

    A Croatian Canadair also operating in Kras
    • 09:08
    • 15 Jul

    Bucharest to host 2nd Moldova Support Conference

    Support reform efforts to achieve goals for EU