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    • 16:53
    • 15 Sep

    Pope warns of 'domino effect' from war

    System of international relations 'gravely threatened'
    • 16:38
    • 15 Sep

    G7 vow to stop Russia 'profiting' from Ukraine war

    And limit Moscow's means of financing the conflict
    • 13:54
    • 15 Sep

    Putin with Xi condemns 'attempts to create unipolar world'

    Xi to Putin, China willing to work with Russia as 'great powers'
    • 13:45
    • 15 Sep

    MEPs give green light to 5 bn loan to Ukraine

    For covering financing needs caused by invasion
    • 11:58
    • 15 Sep

    Motorist collides with car carrying Ukraine's Zelensky

    President not seriously injured in the accident
    • 09:22
    • 15 Sep

    Russians shell dam at Kryvyi Rih, residents evacuated

    Flooding of city streets
    • 15:18
    • 14 Sep

    Pnlegge: Zelensky grants visa, Nikitin to attend festival

    The writer will arrive at the cultural event directly from Kyiv.
    • 09:52
    • 14 Sep

    Sanctions on Russia 'here to stay': EU chief von der Leyen

    "Time for us to show resolve, not appeasement"
    • 09:25
    • 14 Sep

    Pope warns against use of religion as prop for power

    End to the "senseless and tragic war" in Ukraine
    • 17:58
    • 13 Sep

    New draft of a security treaty, with Italy among guarantors

    Together with the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Turkey
    • 12:21
    • 13 Sep

    Ukraine: heavy casualties for Russian elite tank army

    It will likely take years for Russia to rebuild '1 GTA'
    • 12:07
    • 13 Sep

    Draghi talks to Zelenzky, confirms Italy's support

    Leaders discuss Kyiv's counter-offensive
    • 14:16
    • 12 Sep

    War in Ukraine: from invasion to lightning counter-attack

    Conflict took a new turn over the past week
    • 08:20
    • 12 Sep

    Ukraine reclaims swathes of east in offensive to oust Russia

    Moscow's military caught off-guard
    • 08:20
    • 12 Sep

    US Ambassador, Russian missiles on civilian infrastructures

    After Kyiv liberated cities and villages
    • 17:27
    • 11 Sep

    Lavrov, we don't reject negotiations,there are complications

    Zaporizhzhia, backup power line activated