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Slovenia: new statue of Melania Trump near Sevnica

It replaces the wooden one burned in July

16 September, 15:33
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, 16 SET - A bronze statue of Melania Trump has appeared near Sevnica, Slovenia, the US first lady's birthplace. The artwork replaces the wooden one, erected in 2019, which unknown persons set on fire at the beginning of July 2020.

The original statue was made by a local craftsman, Ales Zupevc, based on an idea by the American artist Brad Downey, who created also the second bronze monument. The new statue, the Slovenian public TV told, stands on a pedestal, almost three meters high. The shape of the bronze work recalls that of the previous wooden statue, and you can see this from some photos published by the local media. It portrays Melania raising her left arm in a sign of greeting. However, the previous wooden statue had been painted in blue to remember the dress the first lady wore at the swearing-in ceremony of her husband-president.

The art installation, designed by Downey, an artist famous for his provocative works, had already caused controversy and criticism in Slovenia last year when the first statue appeared near Sevnica. The idea, born already several years ago, was "to isolate some contradictions" of the contemporary political discourse in the US and in particular of the Trump policies against immigration, Downey told ANSA. (ANSA).

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