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    • 18:14
    • 13 Aug

    Slovenia: court allowed the killing of 222 bears

    An organisation lost a legal battle against Environment Ministry
    • 17:48
    • 12 Aug

    Cinema: 28th Sarajevo Film Festival kicks off

    Various Italian productions take part
    • 20:30
    • 09 Aug

    Basf group heir gives up 4 billion: 'I would not be happy'

    Marlene Engelhorn, 29, does not accept her grandmother's bequest
    • 20:29
    • 07 Aug

    Migrants: Kosovo expert, fragile nation, those who can flee

    Interview after many violent incidents in Trieste
    • 19:44
    • 07 Aug

    New album Julian Marley at Borovets Jazz Festival Bulgaria

    Released early in the pandemic, As I am, never sung in public
    • 16:55
    • 07 Aug

    Greek coastguard, 122 migrants rescued near Rhodes

    Taken to island Kos. No details on nationalities and gender
    • 18:43
    • 05 Aug

    Montenegro: will Gov be victim of Serbian Orthodox Church?

    BTA Bulgarian press agency reports
    • 16:47
    • 04 Aug

    Romania: long lines of trucks packed

    On both sides of Danube bridge border crossing
    • 15:58
    • 01 Aug

    Austria, from today no quarantine but Ffp2 for positives

    Those without symptoms can leave home and work
    • 20:28
    • 30 Jul

    Summer: Autovie V., as forecast Saturday black dot

    Heavy traffic and some traffic jams with increased transits
    • 20:13
    • 27 Jul

    FVG-Austria shared education for economic cooperation

    But dedicated European funding is needed.
    • 11:21
    • 26 Jul

    Focus on Higher education at 'Fvg-Austria: future to share'

    Event by Mitteleuropa Associationan as part of Mittelfest
    • 19:01
    • 25 Jul

    UK to host 2023 Eurovision instead of Ukraine

    No prospect of the event going ahead in the war-torn country
    • 16:51
    • 25 Jul

    Mittelfest, music without borders starring at the festival.

    Paolo Fresu on stage in a performance inspired by P. P. Pasolini
    • 16:49
    • 25 Jul

    Mittelfest, il protagonista è la musica senza confini

    Paolo Fresu sul palco, in un lavoro ispirato da P. P. Pasolini
    • 19:04
    • 23 Jul

    Mittelfest, a bridge between peoples in a war-torn scenario.

    Focus on the global issues at the festival opening in Cividale