10% Italians who've had AZ have doubts about mixing jabs

About 100,000 people reticent about Pfizer, Moderna follow-up

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 18 - Some 10% of the 950,000 Italians under the age of 60 who have had AstraZeneca as their first COVID jab "are having doubts" about mixing that with a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for the second dos as the government has instructed, COVID Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo said Friday.
    "There are probably around 100,000 people who are having doubts" he said as he visited Rome's premier infectious disease hospital, the Spallanzani in Rome.
    Figliuolo also said the government would speed up the vaccine rollout if the doses were available.
    BY the end of September, he said, Italy will have got enough Pfizer and Moderna doses to wrap up the rollout. (ANSA).


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