99% of Italy to become white zone thanks to vaccines - min

570,000 doses administered Thursday

(ANSA) - Rome, June 18 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the government's COVID-19 'cabina di regia' taskforce is scheduled to meet on Friday and he expects 99% of Italy to become a white zone thanks to the vaccination campaign, based on current data.
    "The 'cabina di regia' will meet today and at the end of the meeting I will be called to sign ordinances", the health minister said during a press conference at the Senate on the theme "Ideas in practice: for a healthcare mindful of sex and gender differences".
    "Based on the data we see, the ordinances will make us take another step further".
    "We expect 99% of Italy to become a white zone".
    "This is surely encouraging data, a result that is the outcome of a vaccination campaign that is obtaining very important results".
    Speranza went on to say that "over 570,000 doses" were administered on Thursday, "and this is a very significant result".


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