Climate Crisis: Italy reaches its overshoot day

Nation has used up its resources for the whole year

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 13 - Italy hit its 'overshoot day' on Thursday, meaning that the nation has already used up the resources it would have for the entire year if it were living in an environmentally sustainable way, the Global Footprint Network said.
    This means that, from January 1 until today, Italian residents have, per person, used as much from nature as the planet renews per person in the entire year.
    So if everyone in the world lived like people do in Italy, humanity would need 2.8 earths.
    Furthermore, instead of pushing the overshoot day back in order to contribute to addressing the climate crisis, the date has been getting earlier and earlier.
    Italy's overshoot day was May 14 last year and May 15 two years ago.
    The Global Footprint Network calculates the ecological footprint of individual countries all over the world.
    The overshoot day for the planet as a whole was August 22 in 2020. (ANSA).


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