COVID-19: Too soon to vaccinate 5-11-yr-olds - expert

We must wait for agencies' OK says Spallanzani hospital director

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 21 - It is not yet time to start vaccinating children aged five to 11 for COVID-19 after Pfizer said its jab was safe and effective for this age group, Francesco Vaia, the director of Rome's Spallanzani infectious-diseases hospital, said on Tuesday.
    "It is too soon," said Vaia.
    "We don't have univocal recommendations from the scientific community in order to be able to vaccinate such a sensitive part of the population.
    "We shouldn't go chasing after companies' press releases.
    "If the international and national regulatory bodies approve it and take responsibility for it, then yes". (ANSA).


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