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Thyssen victims' families 'betrayed' 14 years after fire

'State must intervene to hold those who fled accountable'

- ROME, DEC 6 - The families of victims of a fire at the Thyssenkrupp steelworks in Turin feel betrayed, Rosina Pilati, the mother of Giuseppe Demasi, one of the seven victims, said Monday on the 14th anniversary of the tragedy.
    Two German managers are serving five-year terms over the disaster but the families say they should have got longer sentences, and other managers should have been punished too.
    "We feel mocked, betrayed by a State we don't trust anymore", said Pilati. "Our tragedy has been forgotten, but we can't forget: the State must intervene so that the horrible people that never asked for forgiveness and fled their responsibility can be punished, the woman said during a ceremony at the Mounmental Cemetery of Turin, at a memorial built to commemorate the seven victims.
    The seven workers died in a fire in the night between December 5 and 6, 2007. Two Thyssenjrupp managers, Harald Espenhahn and Gerald Priegnitz, were found guilty of manslaughter charges by a German court and sentenced to five years in prison.


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