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Govt to step up policing of student protests Friday

But will talk to protesters to isolate violent fringes

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 16 - Italian authorities are to step up policing of a student protest against two recent deaths during work experience across the country on Friday but will talk to protester in order to root out violent elements which led to clashes in similar events last month, the interior ministry said Wednesday.
    "We will activate dialogue with the promoters," said ministry cabinet chief Bruno Frattasi.
    Dialogue, he said, would help to "isolate the most radicalized fringes of the protest".
    Recent policing of student demos has been criticized for being too heavy handed, with police using batons to strike protesters.
    The students are protesting the deaths at Udine of 18-year-old work experience student Lorenzo Parelli and that in Marche of 16-year-old Giuseppe Lenoci. (ANSA).


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