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Students wear mini skirts after prof 'prostitute' slur

Teacher had asked scantily clad girl if she was on sex street

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 16 - Female students at a high school in Rome came to school in mini skirts and shorts Wednesday to protest against a female teacher who scolded a girl for showing her belly button in a skimpy top in a phone video by saying "are you on the Salaria?", a road in the Italian capital known for its sex workers.
    "We're breaking the dress code, and we've come in skirts and shorts to protest against the prof who offended our schoolmate," they said at the liceo Righi.
    The girl who shot the video told ANSA she was "happy that the protest went well, even though the teacher didn't apologise but only said her remark had been 'unhappy'".
    She also said the teacher had shown "discrimination" after replying to a question about the possibility of a boy wearing shorts by saying she would ask him "are you at the beach".


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