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2 cops among 65 arrested in Rome 'Ndrangheta sweep

Council offices in Anzio and Nettuno searched

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 17 - Two Carabinieri were among 65 people arrested in connection with an investigation into infiltration by the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia into the southern Roman coastal area inlcuding the cities of Anzio and Nettuno.
    The pair of cops are accused of tipping of the Mob about police operations.
    One of them has been charged with external complicity in mafia association.
    Searches were made in council offices in the two coastal towns.
    The 'Ndrangheta clans, among Italy's richest and most powerful, allegedly took control of the coastal strip and ran rackets including drugs and extortion there, police said, as well as penetrating public offices.
    Police said the clans imported some 250 kg of cocaine into Rome in 2018.
    'Ndrangheta has taken over from Cosa Nostra as Italy's top mafia thanks to its chokehold on the European cocaine trade. (ANSA).


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