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Lost Hayez painting recovered

Will be auctioned in Milan June 16

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 1 - A lost work by great 19th-century Italian Romantic painter Francesco Hayez has been recovered, art cops said Tuesday.
    The oil on canvas was inspired by a melodramatic story involving Louis XIV of France and one of his mistresses, Mademoiselle de La Vallère.
    Until 1838 it was on show in Milan's famed Brera Gallery alongside Hayez's most iconic work, The Kiss.
    The work was discovered among the paintings of a private Milanese collector who did not know he had such a famous work.
    It was identified by experts from the Il Ponte auction house.
    The work will be put up for sale by Il Ponte at Milan's Palazzo Crivelli on June 16. (ANSA).


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