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Man taken to Swiss clinic by Cappato commits suicide

Right-to-die campaigner again risks 12 years in jail

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 25 - An 82-year-old chronic Parkinson's sufferer who has become the latest person taken to die in a Swiss clinic by right-to-die campaigner Marco Cappato has now committed assisted suicide, his daughter said in a video posted online Friday.
    The man, 82-year-old Romano whose surname was not provided, of Tuscan origin and resident at Peschiera Borromeo, near Milan, "would have wished to die at home surrounded by his loved ones," said the daughter, Francesca.
    Cappato, treasurer of the right-to-die Luca Coscioni Association, will turn himself in to police in Milan Saturday and "once more risks up to 12 years in prison", the campaigner said.
    He added: "It is unworthy of a civilized country to continue to tolerate clandestine death in exile". (ANSA).


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