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We'll address eventual NRRP delays - Gentiloni

Govt has said Recovery Plan targets to be missed by big margin

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 1 - European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said Thursday that the EU was ready to help address eventual delays in the implementation of Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP, or PNRR in Italian).
    On Wednesday European Affairs Minister Raffaele Fitto said Italy's NRRP spending for this year was set to be off target in a big way, coming in at well under 22 billion euros, while the initial objective had been 42 billion.
    "I think the government is committed to respecting these commitments (set by the NRRP)," former Italian premier Gentiloni told an event organized by daily newspaper Il Messaggero.
    "I have spoke to the premier (Giorgia Meloni) and I met (Economy Minister Giancarlo) Giorgetti and Fitto in Brussels.
    "I am aware of the difficulties. If there are delays, they should be addressed".
    The post-COVID-19 NRRP seeks to make the Italian economy Greener and more modern with a massive investment programme based on almost 200 billion euros in EU grants and low-interest loans.


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