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COVID: Help poor countries amid mutation danger - Draghi

Return to multilateralism,also on climate and inequality says PM

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 28 - Premier Mario Draghi on Friday told the Global Solution Summit 2021 that a priority in the global COVID fight should be helping poorer countries amid a threat from mutations of the virus.
    "Our priority is, naturally, to defeat the pandemic," he said.
    "That means to do so everywhere and not only in the developed countries. Ensuring that poorer countries have access to effective vaccines is a moral imperative. But there is also a practical reason and, if you will, a selfish one. As long as the pandemic rages, the virus may undergo dangerous mutations that may also undermine the most successful vaccination campaign." Draghi also said that "multilateralism is returning. The health emergency has t aught us that it is impossiblle to tackle global problems with domestic solutions. The same is true for the other decisive challenges of our times: climate change and global inequalities. As president of t he G20 this year, Italy is determined to lead the paradigm shift. The world needs the whole world, not a collection of individual states".
    He said "the battle against the virus cannot distract us from the fight against climate change. We have tow goals. The first is to work to reach sufficiently ambitious emissions-reduction targets, limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees and to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The second is to mitigate potential damage. WE must boost measures of containment, accelerating the gradual elimination of carbon. And ensure a greater flow of public and private capital towards initiatives linked to the climate".
    The Italian premier cited "shocking" forecasts of 250,000 deaths per year by 2030 due to climate change.
    Draghi added that "over the course of its history, Italy has prospered thanks to international trade and cooperation. Openign has been the best recipe for success. Our presidency of the G20 will reflect this long-standing commitment. Together with Germany and the other G20 partners, we are confident of being able to build a stronger world".
    Draghi added that the US was back "in the field" on the climate crisis and China's role was important too.
    He called for cooperation with Beijing, but without taking any "steps back" on human rights. (ANSA).


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