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Studies on mixing vaccines show 'high safety' says AIFA

'Tranquil' about following AZ with other jabs says Magrini

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 16 - Clinical studies on mixing COVID-19 vaccines say this can be done with a high degree of safety, the head of Italian drugs agency AIFA told Italian radio Wednesday.
    Italy has banned the AstraZeneca jab for he under-60s and said those in this age bracket who have had a first dose of AZ will follow it with a Pfizer or Moderna jab.
    The science on mixing vaccines is based on "clinical studies which have been done with the utmost ethical rigour," and "the safety regarding the administration is very elevated", AIFA Director-General Nicola Magrini in remarks to Rainews24.
    "We must be more than tranquil" about following up an AZ jab with a Pfizer or Moderna one, he said.
    Magrini noted that "several other countries" had made the same decision due to a slim risk of blood clots after the AZ jab.
    The Italian decision on barring AZ for the under-60s came after the death from a cerebral haemorrhage after a blood clot of 18-year-old Italian woman Camilla Canepa.
    Magrini also said that adverse reactions to the Jonson & Johnson vaccine were less frequent than other ones. (ANSA).


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