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Woman who can't read or write cuts first record

Brain-damaged Lea Minnino records 'Esisto'

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 9 - A 36-year-old Foggia woman who is unable to read or write due to a cognitive deficit caused by a brain infection at birth is able to sing perfectly and has now recorded her first single.
    Lea Minnino, who suffered congenital cerebral damage due to Klebsiella infection, "has never been able to read or write but has always had an incredible attraction for music, the only passion capable of firing her enthusiasm," her family said Thursday.
    "Her favourite Italian artists include Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla, Fabio Concato and Fiorella Mannoia and the hits she loves to sing include Cat Stevens' Father and Son, Ed Sheeran's Perfect and Chrstina Aguilera's Beautiful." Minnino's debut single is called Esisto (I Exist) and includes the lyrics: "I'm here too under this sky, perhaps tired or perhaps lost in oblivion...I know I can never speak to you but words have a meaning inside me, that I live and sing, this story sounds a strange solitude". (ANSA).


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