- 18 mag.- 13:30

Cirium Partners With 3Victors to Offer the Most Dynamic Travel Demand Forecasting

Business Wire.
  • Post-pandemic, the travel industry needs new and more relevant inputs for models that forecast passenger demand.
  • Cirium and 3Victors partnership, enables airports and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) to combine Diio by Cirium flight schedules, traffic, and fares data with 3Victors DemandView search data.
  • The partnership provides the most complete solution for analyzing future traffic, monitoring passenger trends, and identifying emerging opportunities.
- 18 mag.- 12:30

 Adrestia Appoints Human Genetics Leader, Professor John Perry, to Build Human Genetics Computational Platform

Business Wire.
  • Human genetics pioneer at Cambridge University joining Adrestia to discover and validate new synthetic rescue targets for intractable genetic diseases
  • Large-scale human population analysis will help identify and validate the safety and efficacy of new targets emerging from the Company’s platform
  • Human genetics enriches Adrestia’s Synthetic Rescue Atlas, helping to inform indication expansion from ‘gateway’ genetic diseases into more prevalent diseases with a shared genetic component
  • Human genetic validation builds conviction in the Company’s portfolio of first-in-class therapies to treat neurologic, neuromuscular and cardiomyopathic diseases

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